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Private Space to Grow Small Businesses

The demand for small office space has increased during the pandemic while the demand for large office space has dropped dramatically. This window of opportunity made it possible for OFFIX to launch 5 successful locations with plans to expand to more locations nationwide.

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About Us

Offix Lior Invest

“OFFIX was born in 2019 before the pandemic while the commercial real estate industry was on a heavy decline. The pandemic made it possible for OFFIX to grow its unique fit in the market for small, boutique offices.

We have seen month-over-month revenue growth with projections for continued success in years to come. By 2022, OFFIX aims to have 15 branches in Illinois and Florida.

Next, we have plans to expand nationwide through a franchise and partnership model to every U.S. city.”

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OFFIX Locations


Why Choose OFFIX?

OFFIX Invest
High profitability with low financial risk. We signed two partnership agreements with property owners and commercial real estate companies.
OFFIX Private Boutique Space
This is the right time to make an investment while the commercial real estate industry is declining offering a window of opportunity for OFFIX to make partnerships for low costs.
Landing Finance
Steady month-over-month revenue growth with projections to increase for the next five years.
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Our plan in the near future is to expand quickly by transitioning to a franchise model bringing locations to every U.S. city with proven success.
Bussiness Man
There is a high-growth market for freelancers and small businesses. The number of freelancers in the U.S. is continuously growing and is expected to exceed 90.1 million by 2028 (Source: Upwork; Edelman).
Landing Star
We provide a unique solution that is not currently provided in the United States.

Be a part of our growing success and invest today, not tomorrow.

The Right Space at the Right Time

OFFIX offers flexible solutions for young entrepreneurs to grow their small businesses alongside us. They choose OFFIX to reduce their overhead costs and promote their businesses online rather than choosing a large and expensive storefront.

Our Investment Process


Understand The Potential

Learn more about OFFIX and how we fit in the commercial real estate market.

Is OFFIX right for you?

Make a decision to invest and how many shares you would like to invest at $10 per share.

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Our Team

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Lior David CEO & Co-founder
Lior has a master’s degree in business management. He has extensive experience and knowledge for entrepreneurship and modern marketing which brings innovation to the real estate industry. Co-founder and owner of Beautiful Place, a company that provides beauty and skincare services.
Kineret Koren Sales Manager
Kineret is responsible for sales management and meetings with clients. By creating processes to increase sales, Kineret manages the entire sales cycle from inbound to outbound strategies.
Jessica Towns Marketing Manager
Jessica is responsible for managing the promotion and positioning of OFFIX. She builds the marketing strategy, manages the execution, and analysis. Her background involves national marketing for a franchise brand developing local campaigns for franchisees to build relationships and increase sales.
Daniel Cedillo Area Manager - Chicago
Daniel is responsible for streamlining operations to scale OFFIX . By creating processes for onboarding and office management, Daniel speeds up the process from contract to renewals. He also handles customer service to ensure our current members are happy.
Valeria Baez Public Relations and Communications
Valeria is responsible for partnerships with brokers, community engagement, and social media. Her focus on community partnerships and outreach increases brand awareness in our markets. Valeria creates content for all of OFFIX’s marketing channels.
Jesse Alvarez Maintenance Manager
Jesse manages maintenance of all OFFIX locations. He manages all maintenance requests for members such as painting, arranging furniture, and working with contractors for new locations. He ensures that all contractors are equipped with appropriate materials and following building requirements.
Reut - OFFIX Team
Reut May Administrative Manager
Reut is responsible for managing suppliers, partners, payments, and collection. She is responsible for various tasks including HR, meeting logistics, and finance.

What Our Members Say?

Allure Beauty Lounge
I love this place. The building is clean and modern. My clients like coming here. Management always works to help improve the quality of the building and businesses. they are very helpful and supportive of small businesses. This is a great place for small business or an entrepreneur.
star star star star star
Body Within You
Everything about Offix fits Tho Lomon Ad Stand. Our offico in Wicker Park is centrally located to everything we need access to. The blue line allows us to zip downtown if we need to while working in a great walkable neighborhood. Offix provides us a private office in a small building with all the great amenities a growing agency needs.
star star star star star
OFFIX is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise crowded office space market. The owners and managers really care about you, your business, and your success. You're not just a check to them. The space is clean and well designed. When we bring people to the office, it makes a stellar first impression.
star star star star star
Monsie 3 D Lab
Monsie 3 D Lab is a Dents lab locate din the Hearth of Chicago. Pilsen full of amazing history and artistic roots, the moment I walked in for the showing I know the place had to be mine. tons o parking super safe location. and again the Staff II they feel like a set of friends who you stopped seeing a long time ago and now they are back in your Me. the flexibility and how professional the place runs is simply outstanding.
star star star star star
The Lemon Ad Stand
Everything about OFFIX fits Tho Lomon Ad Stand. Our offico in Wicker Park is centrally located to everything we need access to. The blue line allows us to zip downtown if we need to while working in a great walkable neighborhood. OFFIX provides us a private office in a small building with all the great amenities a growing agency needs.
star star star star star
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